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DVM Practices Colorado

Based in Colorado, DVM Practices provides valuation and professional broker services for practice sellers and purchasers.  We analyze practice historical financial results and develop strategies and contracts for sales, purchases, timing, and achievement of timely, orderly, and fair transitions of ownership, culture, and stakeholders.  We work with licensed DVMs and practices in Colorado, as well as individual, group, and corporate buyers.

Practice Sales & Acquisitions

DVM Practices Colorado represents and advises practice sellers on current-market asking-price and likely-sale-price ranges, in expert analysis of the practice, its cash-flow history, and other benefits to the owner. We directly market listed practices to our proprietary database of 3,000+ licensed DVMs in Colorado and 1,000+ Colorado-licensed DVMs in other states. Typically, DVMPC achieves sales at 95-100% of its suggested asking price. All contacts and information are held in strict confidence, through formal Agency status and listing agreements on behalf of practice sellers. We determine and execute a defined and proven process and sale strategy. DVMPC also represents prospective buyers in search for practices and in performing independent financial and valuation analysis on practices identified by buyers, by reviewing and analyzing historical profitability and cash flow to owner(s). Call directly Dr. Cohn or Prof. Baas for details.



Practice valuations based on historical financial performance and cash flow to owners

Sales & Acquisitions

Sales and acquisitions and help to sellers and buyers of veterinary practices

Business Education

Business education for veterinarians seeking to expand business knowledge and competencies


Estimates of asking-price and likely-sale-price of practices, estimates of time to achieve goals

DVM Start-up or Expand

Financing products designed for DVMs seeking to start-up, buy or expand DVM practices

Business Strategy Help

Advice and consultation on financial, operational, and business strategies

Sales & Acquisitions

We bring together Sellers and Buyers of veterinary practices. We communicate practice acquisition opportunities for veterinary professionals.


Capital & Financing

We have financing options for veterinary practice purchases, mergers, start-ups, and expansions. We can also assist with real estate acquisition, or refinancing.


Advice & Consultation

Our experienced and successful DVMs have owned and operated practices for years.

We have knowledgeable and experienced business and financial Business Executive Consultants. They excel in business planning and financial problem-solving.

About Us

Dr. Ted Cohn and Prof. Roy Franc Baas are DVM Practices Colorado.    Dr. Cohn’s long successful career as a veterinarian, his 40+ years as a practice-owner in Denver, his service as past President of CVMA and AVMA, veterinary consultant and expert, lecturer, and industry advocate, all provide insight and guidance on practice ownership, management, and details to DVM-owners.

Prof. Baas’ career and expertise include 40+ years as a commercial banker, college professor, business consultant, and lecturer, enabling him to analyze detailed financial aspects of practices, render valuations, and structure sale and purchase priorities and goals of owners, buyers, and sellers.   He develops strategies for profit enhancement and achievement of sellers and buyers of pratices.

Ted Cohn, DVM

Ted Cohn, DVM

  • 1975 graduate of Tuskegee University College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Practiced companion animal/exotics medicine & certified in veterinary acupuncture
  • Practice owner in Denver, Colorado, for over 33 years
  • Past president Colorado VMA and American VMA
  • Spearheaded establishment of the AVMA Economics Division
  • Early proponent of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the veterinary profession
Prof. Roy Franc Baas

Prof. Roy Franc Baas

  • 40+ years Experience in Finance, Banking, and Business Management
  • Senior Instructor, Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado, Boulder
  • Consultant, Entrepreneur, Adjunct Professor, Former Bank CEO
  • BS Finance, University of New Orleans; Graduate School of Banking, LSU

About Us

About Us

Colorado Veterinary Medical Association CVMA

Valuation Services

DVM Practices’ valuation opinions are based on its Proprietary Valuation Model, which utilizes lender-industry standards of cash flow analysis and credit underwriting to determine maximum financing that would be available for purchasers of the subject Practice.  It determines asking-price and likely-sale-price values for the Practice under then-current capital-market terms and conditions.

In performing the analysis, DVM Practices analyzes the subject’s tax returns and other financial records to estimate its sustainable cash flow under new ownership, adequacy of that cash flow to support a prevailing-market income and benefits for a new owner, and debt-service coverage required by funds providers, if any. 

Sell your Veterinary Practice

Selling Your Veterinary Practice Is Exciting & Intimidating. We’ll Make It Easier For You.

Buy a Veterinary Practice

Buying your first veterinary practice doesn’t have to be a shot in the dark.

What we do for Buyers and Sellers:

  • Strict confidentiality on all information
  • Financial analysis of practices
  • Professional reasonably priced valuations of practices
  • Pre-qualify practices for financing
  • Market practices to targeted audiences of 4,000 CO-licensed DVMs
  • Negotiate price, terms, and conditions
  • Coordinate buyer and seller actions
  • Prepare Letters of Intent and Asset Purchase Agreements
  • Intro & assist buyers with lenders
  • Coordinate & follow up with buyers’ lenders’ analysts, underwriters, processors, and closers
  • Coordinate dates & actions for closing
  • Advice, consultation, representation

Contact Roy.Baas@DVMpractices.com

Veterinary Clinics for Sale

Veterinary clinics for sale in Colorado


What should I do to help sell my veterinary practice?

Get advice on your financials: DVM Practices can review, explain, and discuss all aspects of your practice’s revenue sources, expense management, financial results, and trends in industry-specific terms from the financial perspective under current economic and financial conditions

Have realistic expectations: The sale price depends on bottom-line cash flow and owner’s benefits derived from the practice and related real estate owned by the practice owner, including income and tax benefits accruing to the practice owner.”

Corporate purchase offerings focus on investment returns to their stockholders without adequate consideration of other entrepreneurial benefits that owner-operators achieve.

Call DVM Practices for preliminary financial discussion, estimates, and ultimately the current market value of your practice

Where else is DVM Practices active?

We started many years ago as DVM Consultants West, an affiliate with DVM Consultants based in the U.S. Southeast region states.   We maintain industry contact and support our non-affiliate relationship with DVM Consultants’ Southeast and refer business opportunities between our companies.

Where is DVM Practices based in Colorado?

DVM Practices Colorado is based in Westminster.

Are you associated with CVMA or AVMA?

Dr. Ted Cohn, past president of CVMA and AVMA, maintains membership and association with both CVMA and AVMA.

How big are the practices you represent?

We represent single-DVM and multi-DVM practices with annual revenues from $500,000 and up.  We have sold smaller practices, but the buyer market generally expects individual-DVM production to be $500K-600K or more.  

What are typical financing terms for buyers?

Typically, individual DVM buyers can borrow a max of 90% financing on practice real estate and, in some cases, 100% of the practice purchase plus working capital.  The more upfront equity a buyer puts up, the more flexibility can be achieved in financing

Is seller financing a viable option for buyers?

Seller financing on practice and/or real-estate purchase is optional to the Seller, subject to Buyer and Seller agreeing on terms of the financing. Sometimes, sellers are willing to provide flexible financing of the real-estate component with an adequate down payment. DVM Practices customizes financing options to facilitate buyer affordability and comfortable debt payments.

Client Testimonials

I recently had the pleasure of working with DVM Practices to evaluate and sell my hospital and practice.  I was overwhelmed and nervous to start the entire process, but Mr. Baas provided clear support and encouragement from the very first meeting through closing and beyond.  His dedication, financial expertise, and customer service allowed me to finalize the entire process incredibly quickly.  The services provided exceeded all of my expectations.  I felt like a valued customer and would strongly encourage anyone considering this next step to use their services.

Dr. M.

Weld County, CO

DVM Consultants, Prof. Roy Baas, here in Colorado, provided to us an Asking-Price & Likely-Sale-Price Valuation Report that enabled us to achieve $250K more for our practice than was offered by the buyer through another veterinary valuation business. They were very professional and friendly throughout the process. Thanks, DVMC!”

Dr. & Mrs. B

Denver, CO

Based on Prof. Roy Baas’ valuation, DVM Consultants sold my practice in five months for the full asking price of $3.6 mil. I recommend their services.

Dr. P

Denver, CO

I owned a small animal veterinary hospital in the west Denver metropolitan area, and used DVM Consultants to assist in the sale of my hospital and the practice real estate. They provided guidance for the pre-sale preparation, the marketing effort over a wide geographical area, and saw the entire process completely through closure. Their work was professional, competent and efficient. I recommend DVM Consultants and would use them again.

Dr. F

Grand Junction, Co

We appreciate all of your hard work in getting the practice sold.  Your expertise led to the best outcome for us.

Dr. & Mrs. L.

Jefferson County