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DVM Practices

Based in Colorado, DMV Practices provides valuations of veterinary practices. Our consulting services also provide financial strategies for sale and acquisition opportunities. We work with licensed DVM’s and veterinary practices in and near Colorado.



Practice valuations based on historical financial performance and cash flow to owners

Sales & Acquisitions

Sales and acquisitions and help to sellers and buyers of veterinary practices

Business Education

Business education for veterinarians seeking to expand business knowledge and competencies


Estimates of asking-price and likely-sale-price of practices, estimates of time to achieve goals

DVM Start-up or Expand

Financing products designed for DVMs seeking to start-up, buy or expand DVM practices

Business Strategy Help

Advice and consultation on financial, operational, and business strategies

Sales & Acquisitions

We bring together Sellers and Buyers of veterinary practices. We communicate practice acquisition opportunities for veterinary professionals.


Capital & Financing

We have financing options for veterinary practice purchases, mergers, start-ups, and expansions. We can also assist with real estate acquisition, or refinancing.

Advice & Consultation

Our experienced and successful DVMs have owned and operated practices for years.

We have knowledgeable and experienced business and financial Business Executive Consultants. They excel in business planning and financial problem-solving.

Valuation Services

We can have financing available for the acquisition of any veterinary practice. We use lender-industry standards of cash flow analysis and credit underwriting. Then we project an estimated sales value.
We estimate the sustainable cash flow under new ownership as well as the adequacy of the cash flow. This is important to support a buyer’s lifestyle needs. It is also important to meet the acquisition debt requirements.

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Sell your Veterinary Business

Selling Your Veterinary Practice Is Exciting & Intimidating. We’ll Make It Easier For You.

Buy a Veterinary Practice

Buying your first veterinary practice doesn’t have to be a shot in the dark.

Client Testimonials

DVM Consultants, Prof. Roy Baas, here in Colorado, provided to us an Asking-Price & Likely-Sale-Price Valuation Report that enabled us to achieve $250K more for our practice than was offered by the buyer through another veterinary valuation business. They were very professional and friendly throughout the process. Thanks, DVMC!”

Dr. & Mrs. B

Denver, CO

I owned a small animal veterinary hospital in the west Denver metropolitan area, and used DVM Consultants to assist in the sale of my hospital and the practice real estate. They provided guidance for the pre-sale preparation, the marketing effort over a wide geographical area, and saw the entire process completely through closure. Their work was professional, competent and efficient. I recommend DVM Consultants and would use them again.

Dr. F

Grand Junction, Co

Based on Prof. Roy Baas’ valuation, DVM Consultants sold my practice in five months for the full asking price of $3.6 mil. I recommend their services.

Dr. P

Denver, CO